Friday, August 9, 2013

Celebrating Sandhya's 22nd Birthday

EP-519-Celebrating Sandhya's 22nd Birthday
I loved it how each of them smell the flowers in the bouquet.

I felt bad that Sandhya again ended up making Sooraj loose to his worries, his precious worry being anything that concerns her. Well Sooraj himself led Sandhya to play with him with his impatient demand to clean the bed. LOL

He wants her to be surprised with his gifts. 
He wants to see the wonderment in her face and relish the experience.
He wonders what kind of an expression or reaction she would give.
He just wants her to go and remove the bed quilt.
He is killing his time filing his nails.LOL

Never did He think Sandhya would be so eager to hear him wish her Birthday greetings. 
Instead of her being surprised, He finds himself surprised by her attention seeking acts.
She bangs the door, coughs a bit, plays with her bangles.
Never did he think Sandhya would be disappointed with him so much.
And yet he continued with his tease.
She used the last staw. Her wet hair. She is surprised that he remains unaffected.
He is moved but resolved to show himself unaffected by her overtures to grab his attention.
She talks about weather and He dismisses as nothing extraordinary and instead focus on getting ready for competition.
Lo ! He thinks He hurt her by talking about competition, but She is not even thinking about competition. All she is caring about him wishing her on her B'Day.

He wants his wish of seeing her face full of surprise and wonderment looking at his B'day gifts for her. Period.
She wants him to wish her Birthday. Period.
He is getting impatient with her non-interest towards what's on the bed. His panic starts showing up
She has resigned herself thinking he may have really forgotten about it.

She sees the gifts.
He misses the sight when she discovers there are gifts for her on the bed.
She is happy that he remembered all right. She is surprised about the gift and the tease. 
She is in full control not to display too much excitement.
She sends him away from the room. 
She tricks him with her hiccups and tables are turned on him.
She forms a plan to tease her husband instead. Ever heard of a B'day Baby planning tease party for others ? 
She is just happy with the fact that he remembers her B'day. And if he has indulged in teasing her, why not take the tease further. That is Sandhya.

And He comes back to watch the amazement on his wife's face.
Lo its not there.
And even the gifts are gone.
He panics.
That is Sooraj. Totally gullible before Sandhya. LOL


Come on Sooraj! Show your power. The girl just wants to hear you wish her on her day. Tease her if you can now. LOL

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