Friday, August 9, 2013

Sandhya's ability to remain calm and strong under duress

This trait of Sandhya's character discussion follows as a response to Shailesh_Rathi who penned her sum-up on Sandhya appreciating her empathetic nature towards people.

Originally posted by Shailesh_Rathi
I know it's been so long since have been here. I have meaning to share this for quite some time now. Even though the OTT ness of some of dabh characters has been really annoying; I am finding myself liking and empathizing with Sandy's character more and more. Who hasn't seen variations of such crazy people. Definitely true for me in my workplace, you know the liars and troublemakers, etc...and I can admire much more how much it must be costing her to stay silent, maintain her own inner peace and still calmly go about her own business...taking the long, tough  road,  

It is so tough to listen to the day to day pettiness without wanting to scream back at them and yet when the axe finally falls, you find that the silent way was the stronger way in the long run. 

p.s. Now CVs that still doesn't mean you can treat sandy as a cant take dabhily for granted. But I like how they are showing that sometimes silence can be a sign of inner strength and brings a person greater respect in the long run. 

Responded by myself
You are so so so right.  Each and every line.
This is how I made peace with DABH story.

Originally posted by Shailesh_Rathi
And especially the part where someone in here mentioned that Sandhya is stronger than Emily because she doesnt surrender her individuality so easily. People may act antagonist towards her and yet she is the first one they would trust during adverse circumstances.  

Responded by myself
yes. absolutely true. Even Bhabho keeps remembering Sandhya in those adverse the case when Emily showed off as IT Officer.  Well Bhabho also keeps remembering Sooraj like in case of Dilip and his mother when they come to enquire about Chavi...but point is Sandhya now has some place in Bhabho's mind that she trusts Sandhya for difficult times.

Like...Making sure that Sandhya will take care of Sooraj for WTC competition
Like...Asking Sandhya to prevent Sooraj from sellling his shop
Like...Trusting Sandhya regarding matters of gyno reports for Meena
Like...Trusting Sandhya to get Chavi pass in her supplementary exam
Like ...Trusting Sandhya to find out who was responsible for Sooraj's shop loss
Like...seeing and also getting angry as to how Sandhya can lose phone number of Chaturi's parents...when Chaturi was missing
Like...Asking Sandhya to take care of Emily -Mohit marriage including getting permission from Maasa...regardless of her one-side wish for Sandhya to fail, her good side wanted Sandhya to succeed because it was also a matter of her morals and ethics she needed to uphold for RP. Her Son's mistake was her's too...and so she turns selfishly to Sandhya to rescue her...I laughed at her desperation at that point...because Bhabho seemed no different from Mohit and Chavi...She did the same as her kids...USE and THROW of SANDHYA.

But that's what Sandhya is...She is remembered only when people are in difficulty.
That's why I like her choosing her profession to be IPS. Sandhya is full of that...she is trusted for taking care of mess and dirt and she does it. Look at Police Force...its not even a paying job with no protection for themselves. Indian Gov is pathetic in that sense.

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