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Purani Soch or Dakiyanoos Soch !!!

EP-515 Summary-Sandhya's sacrifice is her duty towards RP
Bhabho gets to know that Chavi lied about Sandhya helping her to cheat in the exam. Previously she also had got to know that Emily was the reason why Sooraj's shop got ravaged by rats. Bhabho has to share this information with Babasa about how Sandhya covered both Chavi and Emily and caused her pots to be broken. Instead of feeling happy about getting a DIL who takes care of family members as her own, instead of teaching Chavi and Emily to walk on the side of truth, Bhabho tells Babasa that she is happy that Sandhya sacrificed her dream and let the two pots broken and that she wants Sandhya to continue living for Rathi House in this manner of the sacrificial cow.

The Episode showed another lowest point for Bhabho post her liquor-chocolate feeding to Sandhya to prevent her from writing the exam next day.
Bhabho's Purani Soch given so much Screen time...just so that Nayi Soch is again established.
But it  Purani and Nayi soch dilemma for Bhabho to disallow Sandhya pursue her IPS dream ???? What about the truth that she has to uphold for her daughter, Sons and Daughter-in-laws. Which Purani Soch says that one has to support and sacrifice for protecting Lies, Scams and Dishonesty ?

Edicts as old as Ramayan...all that PURANI SOCH is full of truth and glorious feats. Does that mean 

Bhabho belongs to Alien Planet where even she is not known to Ramayan ?
What about Queen Kaikeyi being a warrior Princess, adept at battlefield with her prowess. Wasn;t she her husband's charioteer ??!!!

Okay for reasons known, Bhabho will say its not a good example.

Then what about Sita...who had the equal Skill like Rama in her ability to lift the Shiv Dhanush ?

Oh! Bhabho might again tell me Sita sacrificed herself for her husband. So not a good example.

Fine SD says...what about Goddess Lakshmi who has to come to earth to air Lord Vishnu to end Demon Ravana.

Bhabho will say...again she is doing for her husband.

SD will now try to take a different path.  Bhabho what about...Goddess Durga...have you forgotten her. She is Jagadjanini. How can you not see her. How can you forget that.

Bhabho says...Look you forget there. I have always asked for my home...I need a Lakshmi and not a Durga or Saraswati.

SD is flummoxed...And says YOU Bhabho...what a Dakiyanoosi Soch is yours.  If it was a Purani Soch that you pretend to show off there, you would have known that Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga are three forms of woman. You cannot pray them in isolation. And you forget that above everything those Goddesses have always acted for the good of the uphold truth and defeat EVIL.

Then how come Bhabho you cannot see that
  • You have germinated the seed of lie in Chavi, your daughter. Look at how many times your daughter took your name that it is because of you she does all that. May be she is truly your chavi (image) of what you actually are.
  • You have planted the seed of Baby Swapping Idea in Meena, your was you who taught her that the eldest born if he is son, then only it is considered lucky. So Meena upheld what you wanted...whatever the means Meena may have chosen, she was successful in choosing what you wanted.
  • And your love for Momily...Hook or Crook they need to win. This is exactly what you want. Hook or Crook you want Sandhya to fail in her aspirations.
@STAR TV @ DABH Creatives

Nayee Soch ke chakkar mein...please don't show DAKIYANOOS  (Prudish and Priggish) Soch. Please instead show a genuine Purani Soch so that we can understand what Naya the characters are doing!!!

My complaint with STAR TV and DABH team is that they are over-doing Bhabho's Self-righteous thinking. She gets to have max airtime in the drama.

In the name of standing antagonistic to Sandhya and Sooraj for their Nayee Soch, they are staking simple plain old truths of maintenance within family.

Speaking Lies is not a tradition that Bhabho can uphold. How can she not ask Sandhya for shielding those who speak lies ? Where is her reprimand in that case. She neither teaches her daughter to speak truth nor she gives liberty to her DIL to teach her daughter to speak truth.

So is the case with each SCAM revealed in the story. Which tradition in India says that scammer should be shielded.

They are clearly not showing TRADITIONAL OPPOSITION to NEW THINKING by repeated plotlines of LIES and SCAMS.

As regards to Purani Soch versus Nayee Soch, the track of Fake Baba, Ankur-Ankita' Baby's **ceremony and Meena's Baby Swapping are the only three cases in that direction.
The only characters from Purani Soch who are shown moving towards Nayee Soch are Babasa and Sooraj. Babasa has coined a Sravan Kumar DIL in today's episode and Sooraj in Satyavaan and Savitri Story...showed what else Savitri was capable of by extending his skit in the show.  They are two persons who are supporting Sandhya from the days of Throw Trash in Dustbins.

But clearly not about upholding PURAANI SOCH or Traditions in which she grew up.  While the HYPOCRISY angle that you have presented which explains the Bhabho's prudishness in becoming Self-righteous in her thinking, and that she has turned Purani Soch into self-benefitting Self-Righteous thought, how about her simple motherly thoughts for Traditional reasons that she needs to correct her wayword sons and daughters.  Who speaks lies like that all the time.

To say that lying is a common problem, stealing is a common problem, swindling people is age old problem...and hence a Puraani Soch...I cannot make heads and Tails of it.

If STAR's Vision is Rishte Wohi Soch Nayi, then only two characters are upholding it.
Babasa and Sooraj...Primarily Sooraj as he approaches Sandhy who is the Nayee Soch maintaining all the Traditions of all the Rishte.

What about rest of characters ?
All these characters fine keep testing Sandhya...then that means in each fight with Sandhya, Sooraj and Babasa should be supporting Sandhya. Yes they support her, but where is that CHANGE PROCESS of SOORAJ TRICKLING DOWN on HIS SIBLINGS ??????  When people change, they are able to tell others why Change is better.  SO in that sense, Sooraj should have started teaching his Sibs about good things he finds about Nayee Soch.
In the name of Nayee Soch and Wohi Rishte...the story just keeps ridiculing Nayee Soch and never ever corrects the so called SELF-RIGHTEOUS People of the Show. Never.

And I am not even asking for Punishment. I want at least one by one people changing with Bhabho to be the last one to change. She is a hypocrit and so she need not even change...she would rather be shamed and boxed(read snubbed) to accept change.  All I care is for a start, please have Vikram, Chavi and Mohit start changing one by one in bits and pieces. Please show the story where they land in hardships by their own self-righteous ignorant thinking and they weepingly tell Bhabho that it is because of her thinking today they have lost.

When is that gonna happen.
Sometimes I just remain confused what I am watching ?

A girl's story who want's to be an IPS Officer ?
A husband's story who wants to see his Wife become an IPS Officer ?
Its a story of Nayee Soch Rishta Wohi ?
or its just Timepass of throwing CRAP at our face just to watch Lies, Scams and Hypocrisy having a GAY Time with Free Pass to STAR WORLD.

The changing face of India.

Many think that India is still shacked in traditional thinking.
But contrary to what TV shows, I have seen that at grass root level from the past two decades, because of lot women empowerment programmes implemented at State District Level, woman actually grab hold of employment positions in Government with the help of Women's reservation Quota.

In the end much of the change is related to Betterment of Life for economic reasons. I have seen woman working in Police Stations as Constables, Clerks, seen woman working in Courts as Admin Staff...wearing various uniforms. This I am talking about two districts Ranga Reddy and Warangal of AP. That is south. Teachers...we have commonly seen in villages.   And I am not even touching METRO Cities. I am talking only about Towns of those Districts.  And I am not talking about HIGH Bureaucratic Positions...I am talking Class D Staff.

So ...when women know that for economic reasons, woman have to work...and its been a clearly what is Bhabho opposing ????? If Bhabho belongs to a RICH Class where she and her Beendnis have to LIVE PURDAH System...with that Stupid Pallo on the head...WHEN Sandhya changed total Ghoonghat of face covering in Maasa's Track of Feb I to see that one day Bhabho will agree for NO Pallo on her Beendni's heads ?????  Is that what I should have patience to watch for ????  Whatever Bhabho talks of her Rathi Pariwaar and about her IDEAL BEENDNI Qualities, it is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS.

But this I have been feeling and I am a liberated person. But for the millions like Bhabho of India who are watching this SOAP, for whom WHO IS THE SPOKESPERSON WHO TELLS THEM THAT BHABHO IS WRONG ?????? How are they to learn that they need to CHANGE.
The DABH Soap Writing is sometimes a MESS with failing to stand on the SIDE of ETHICALLY CORRECT Issues.

People should watch Udaan of Doordarshan. Story of Kalyani Singh IPS. That was rise of Nayee Soch over Purani Soch.

Patience is a Virtue...but only in the Case of SurYA. Everything else about the Story gives us a LOATHESOME Feeling.

I sure was disappointed today. I never though Bhabho would be such a FLAT Character with NIL Growth. And it would not have been my problem had I the confidence that Soooraj or Sandhya or Babasa had corrected the Wrongs.



For Gods Sake!!!! Who is taking care of Chavi if she was made a Target today. Its not that she is going to get her Sooraj Bhaiyya and Sandhya Bhabhi everywhere where she goes. 
HOW ABOUT EMPOWERING CHAVI...the FEMALE here in the name of female power or female emancipation. 

My response to that debate.
>>>>speaking about lies...How did you conclude that traditionalism stands for morality ..

The same HYPOCRITIC SOCIETY I AM PART OF. Otherwise where's the need for me to be Patriotic towards my country. Where's the need for my country's soldiers of army, navy, air force or BSF to be honest and protecting our nation. Where's the need for me to believe that they are gonna keep a watch while we sleep. Where's the need for me to believe the daily life will go on smoothly with transportation working on via the Railway, the Buses, everyone going to offices, children going to school everyday with those teachers, drivers, workmen presenting themselves everyday to work on all fronts.  

I see peace around me and I go on my work everyday. Its this belief that tells me that I need to be ethical and moralistic. This is the tradition I grew up in. My parents and the school texts taught me not to lie, not to cheat. This is my tradition and no one can deny the truth for me that it is not.  The way I have been taught and asked to behave by my elders, be it parents, teachers, neighbours, relatives or society law and order...that where my tradition stems from.

I checked the meaning for tradition to see if I got it wrongly...and I see it is the same.

  • The passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generation, especially by oral communication.
    1. A mode of thought or behavior followed by a people continuously from generation to generation; a custom or usage.
    2. A set of such customs and usages viewed as a coherent body of precedents influencing the present: followed family tradition in dress and manners. See synonyms at heritage.
  • A body of unwritten religious precepts.
  • A time-honored practice or set of such practices.
  • Law. Transfer of property to another.

  • Read more:

    So what I see in RP frequently in the name of passing on customs and thoughts to NEXT generation by Bhabho:
    • Having Dinner together with Beendnis serving the Men - Not anyting new. I saw variations of that.
    • Making Papads, Vadiyaan, Pickles and other eatables - pretty much same the way I grew up
    • Aangan Drama - Pretty much the same as I grew up...Class taking and resolution of day to day affairs. It was a necessary discussion per my mom and grandmothers explanations.
    • Mothers keeping a watch on everyone, keeping a tab on expense - same here
    • Dressing to the occassion, regular dressing...all understandable
    • Safekeeping of Jewellery at one place...again understandable...and have seen it
    • Household Chores distributed and work going on throughout the day - have seen it 
    • Festivities, Competitions with Daisa's Household - agreeable - have seen it happening that way ...with my Mama adament on being the one to be with biggest Batkamma etc etc..

    Those were all good traditions.

    And we have seen these bad traditions too...

    • Do not respect your women. They can be beaten. If couple is caught, just beat up the woman, the DIL and not the son who also was responsible in the lying, cheating equally
    • Girls are lower than Men. Girl if she happens to be first born, she will be unlucky for the house
    • Women slapping False charge on MIL under Sec 498 
    • Lieing, Cheating can be overlooked if they are your family members. 
    • Daughter in Laws instead have to protect such liers and scammers.
    • We can scam our own brother and mother for Money by setting the godown on fire.
    • We can openly lie about passing in exams
    • We can have lie based marriage
    • We can have out of wedlock pregnancy and where the boy also jilts the girl
    • We can also swap babies at random so that we can make MIL happy and get a gold ornament set for giving a male child.
    • We can keep quiet for causing damage to a shop.
    • We can burn our fingers by losing money in fraudulent Chit Fund scams
    • We can also start bribing to get privy information to win a competition or exam answer paper.

    In all of these bad traditions...the one thing...Lie based marriage...only this thing was punished as culprit was DIL. And also for the scams and case slapping on Bhabho, Meena was punished because she was DIL.
    No Uma,  I don't mind the debate.

    You keep showing me what Bhabho thinks and that it is right from her IDEALOGICAL POINT, but I feel we have so many other common daily grind examples who can quash her down with their ideological point. 

    All it takes is NOT to LISTEN to CRAP propagated by Women like Bhabho.
    Yes, those woman who raise voices against people like Bhabho, get gang raped or men who raise their voices will get Khaap judgements and get killed. But the point of such sick state of mind  with terror controlling people's minds is a consequence of people themselves remaining MUTE for long. People allowed others to oppress them, to suppress their minds.

    The cases pf Bhabhos and Khaaps are not the same in quantity as much as we have good examples in our country. We can learn positivity from them too.

    If there was not an ounce in the beliefs that my country of its traditions does have some inherent good, I would soon think our country to become like Somalia...with factions fighting over each other for stupid reasons.

    INSPITE of all this debate, like Arvind Kejriwal exposing all scams of the Government, I still have only one concern left that ails me so bad.

    Who was going to take away the deep seated fear in Chavi's mind about the punishment from Bhabho ?  Who is going to say Chavi...Don't be scared...its not wrong that you accidentally stepped on vadiyaan, that is okay if you find economics tough but you need to study and not be on phone or doing nails...that is this really a fear you are projecting or also your laziness and escapism from work that you are trying to cover up.

    For me the problem remained there itself.

    IN reality, my country's Ruling Janta is corrupt and no one can punish them.
    In Fiction at least, can I have some respite with people being reprimanded for their wrong ?!!!!

    That is my need.  This is Fiction. This is based on some reality. And it needs to have Poetic Justice served on the platter.

    Patience from 2 years for someone to say ...Chavi, Mohit do not lie. Do not throw Sandhya under the bus. Vikram...its not good to cheat your own brother and mother.

    Politicians can go scot free.

    But seeing these people go scot free on TV is just too much. Keeps reminding me those old time Black and white movie melodramas of family Injustices, but it used to be just 2 and a half hour story.

    At least in Rival Channel, in like soap, they show bad traditions being canvassed to be put an end to bad practice. Here...evil just keeps brewing and brewing. Its not healthy.

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    1. I agree with your review , I think BAbhoo has Been blind to see to Sandhya is also like her daughter, and she has no one to turn to except her husband , even he is is week and can't see that his mother is being treating his wife under so many tests. I am feelling disgusted with Suraji being the helpless son.