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The Lost Sandhya. Will she ever find her way ?

The Lost Sandhya. Will she ever find her way ? 
This was my reaction in Nov 2011 and for which now I have the answer.

15th Nov 2011
I wouldn't mind at all if Bhabho slaps her one or two times.
She has lot of attitude and that too idiotic one, The girl is behaving as if she never  ever lived in practical world. seems was too busy living in her dream world. so much that she forgot to see and know her brother and what kind of sibling he was. her brother is as much a stranger as her husband whom she married just now. Pathetic girl!!! she is exacerbating everyone's temper. Now her excuse that her brother cheated her, i feel that she deserves it in every manner.

28th July 2013
At that time in Nov 2011, I meant slaps for reality-checks to get her out of denial and shock phase. daylily121 wrote her observation and I observed that Sandhya has been too lost in her dream to have a grip on reality.
In retrospect, today, how true was that observation. Sandhya was too lost in her dream and not only that it was her life. She really needed a Sooraj to snap out of her dream phase and enter reality phase and after that Sooraj showed her way to go for her dreams with open eyes, weighing her dream on the scale of perceptions of value it has in others eyes.  There was a time, because of her closed eyes, even her blood-kin brother could not let her realize her dream. Now today, Sandhya has reassessed her dream, the value it holds, the priority it takes in her life, everything is changed from the point it was then in Nov 2011. It is not even as important as the people she needs to take care of.

An excerpt from my poem
SurYa in Free Verse

She is lost in her dream.
She has lost her parents.
She feels lost in labirynths of darkness around her.
She sees light in him.
She hold on to his guidance.
She finds her dream back.

She is relieved of her weight of her dream on her soul as he shares it with her to fulfill them.
He is relieved of his need to burn himself to glory as she shares his responsibility with him.
She mesmerizes him with her dedication with her steadfast efforts.
He razzles her with his determination to swim against rough tides.
All they can feel is happiness for themselves and proud of each other for being the other's deserving half.

His desire is that she be recognized for what she deserves.
Her desire is that she be appreciated for what she strives so hard for.
His wish is that he helps her achieve her parents dream for her.
Her wish is that she never let her parents and her husband's dignity be tarnished and aspirations be wasted.

Sooraj is the reason Sandhya happens.
Without Sun there is no Sunset.
Without Sunset there is no Night.
Without Night there is no Dream to see.
Dreams sometimes are meant to be realized.
Dreams have to be realized in Daylight.
Daylight cannot happen without Sun.
Sun let others take his glory in the night that he blesses us with.
Sooraj beckons Sandhya to take charge until sunrise again.

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