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DABH - Star's Rishta Wohi Soch Nayi and its Numero Uno Position

16th July 2013

Rishta Wohi Soch Nayi.
Along with being in agreement with all other posters of the above mentioned IF post, I like the Cast and Crew of the show and the vision they all share with each other for the show which is consistent to Star's tag line. 

I had liked Ghar ka Star awards presented to Sooraj and Sandhya @ SPA 2013...because they both truly inspire people to be the best in all aspects, be it to excel at what they do after a lot of strife, struggle and hardwork (occupationally - cooking, social service, studies) or do whatever it takes to preserve family (their sacrifices for family) and finally being supportive to each other with trust and confidence along with the desire to change for the better, to adapt to times.  This is what ordinary people outside TV world too face and would like to get inspired beat the daily grill of life like Sandhya and Sooraj.

I liked DABH's director Rohit Raj Goyal's words that in every track, actually the progress that Sooraj makes, is what is appealing to it DEPICTS WINNING of NAYI SOCH.  And for that ghar ka star awards is kudos Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap  How the husband by supporting the wife and letting her decide her priorities by giving all that actually promoting RISHTE WOHI SOCH NAYEE.  Both the spouses break their own moulds and redefine themselves.  They break conventions of their own build.  Sooraj has always been a good Beta...but sacrificing it for his nayi soch he has brought down barriers and is now a person who is recognized by people of Pushkar not just for his sweets but for his agenda on to spread social it cleanliness drive, Top Cook, Anti-Terrorism, Exposing Fake Guru or Supporting wife's education...he is really coming out as an ACHIEVER with people like the DSP on his side.  And Sandhya...breaks the mould of the rudimentary thought process...that a modern girl like her with Nayi Soch cannot be a good Bahu. She proves that...what if she cannot cook, what if she cannot do house-hold chores as adeptly as Bhabho, but she is still GHAR ki once Babasa said...ever since Sandhya came to Raathi Parwaar, Pariwaar ki Pratishta badh gayi...everyone just sings their accolades. Samman has followed her into the house. Isn't that prosperity as representative of Ghar ki Lakshmi ? Sandhya with her nayee soch in tact strives to preserve all the Rishte around her. 

This is what RRGoyal was saying on how each and every track has nayi soch...

Which track according to you has worked very well on-screen?
The best track of Diya Baati is the track of Suraj which shows his life and how supportive and caring person he is. Each and every track had some 'Nayi soch' in it and it worked well whether it was the Singapore track which showed that even a common person can aspire for high levels of success, the terrorist track which is very much relatable to our society's scenario, the Swamiji's track which showed that these kinds of ill deeds should be stopped. So, there is no comparison among these tracks.

The Story Telling and Creatives
Among the cast and crew, I would like to specially mention my appreciation towards Shashi Mittal and her story telling and how well she coordinates with Star's Creative head. Because ultimately if the channel story writers do not approve the PH's story writing, the episode can never get executed. I know a lot of shows where show writers change stories as channel does not approve their story as it goes against what the channel stands for, for various reasons. In DABH's case, its the twin effort of channel and PH that has worked wonders for the show.

I would also like to specially mention Raghuvir Shekhawat, the dialogue writer. His dialogues are rivetting. One of the show's highlight, right next after the story telling.  And to pour life into those dialogues we have the excellent cast. Its one big family.

This is what RRGoyal was saying on The success Mantra of the show.
The show has completed the journey of 500 episodes maintaining the top position. What's the success mantra?
The success mantra is our team of writers and the honesty of the entire team. Everybody works with honesty and tries to give their best. Even the spot boys are concerned about the TRP and feel that it should increase. When we come on No. 1 position then even the leads go and hug spot persons and say that, "We are on no. 1 Dada." This positivity, the honesty towards work and the efforts of the writers is the success mantra. The big reason behind the success of this show is that we have Shashiji as our writer and we have Swati Darekar who represents Star Plus. She is the big reason behind the success of this show because she understands the thoughts of our team very well and communicates it to the channel. It's very nice to work with her as she has strong communication power due to which we can execute our ideas.
The lead Sandhya has to become an IPS officer in the show ahead. So, our team of writers will be doing research of some lady IPS officers to know the graph of their lives and also about the tough phases of their lives. The channel and the team of writers are doing this research from the past few months to show the truth to the audiences. This working into details is the reason behind the success of the Diya Baati.

The Audience Feedback
In my post yesterday, I was also saying Babasa deserved best Sasur award, but he could never have won best father award as he has not done anything to deserve that, except understanding and supporting Sooraj. That he doesn't correct his other sons and daughters.
And BANG!!! in EP 502, we had Babasa telling Mohit to be supportive to his wife.  I liked Ashok Lokande saying that earlier his role was miniscule but now his character is given meat as audience has accepted him. 

You can read what he has to say here. The original site is too slow, so IF one is better.
He feels that the character of Bhabasa has evolved from the early days of DABH:  "Initially, I wasn't given much dialogues or actions but now Bhabasa has come out of the background zone and has an important role to play in the family. He is the one who gives so much support to his daughter-in-law Sandhya (Deepika Singh) to let her fulfill her dreams, sometimes even going against the wishes of his wife (Neelu Waghela)." 

When asked about why Bhabasa never contradicts Bhabho in front of people, he said "That is our culture. Since it would be embarrassing for children to see their parents fight, Bhabasa makes it a point to confront her only when they are alone. This also gives the different perspective of Bhabho's character to the audience, who gets to see her act as a wife who answers her husband's doubt and not just a strict law maker at home."

About DABH reaching 500 episodes, he said that the entire team is working hard to make the show successful and they are very happy to have achieved this feat. "I am glad to be a part of a show which is enriching the society with so much of goodness. Not many serials today can do that, lest achieve such a feat."

So things change when Audience also give a fair feedback.  So that's for us. I liked Star giving those Ghar ka star awards to the leads of the show who are inspirations for many and I liked Deepika giving back the appreciation to audience and Anas's couplet that he started alone but others joined him enroute his journey. So DABH is this great journey that we are all loving. 

And last but not at all the least...the Cast. It has stellar cast who can act and pour life into the story and the dialogues.

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