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EP-498-10th July 2013 - Bhabho and Emily's Myopic vision

10th July 2013
Bhabho and Emily's Myopic vision

They think...that if Sandhya loses in the Quiz, only her dreams will be shattered and Sooraj will support her.  And if Emily loses...her everything will be lost.

Pathetic Duo !!!  How DUMB and OBTUSE they can get.

They don't realize that its Sooraj's dream that will be shattered...a dream that Sooraj has made his life. HE gave HIS gaurantee. Its not that Sandhya gave her gaurantee.  With that peanut sized brain who can only talk of "Everything" as being married to a husband and being part of a house-hold with or without honest human values, no wonder they are just Frogs of the Well.

Emily thinks she is winning this competion for her life, her husband, her Everything. As if her good for nothing husband is going to accept her for herself and not just the money she earns.

Even Sandhya is doing the same. She is doing for her husband and his conviction.

What she does not know that Sandhya is now motivated to participate in the competition is only because her husband's hopes and faith rests on her winning.  It's him who will lose his positive energy and faith if God does not help him.

And who can trust Mohit ? He doesn't even run the household. What will happen if Sooraj is demotivated in sweet-making ? Rathi Parivaar ke kharche kaise chalenge.

Bhabho will come running to Sandhya and accuse her of all bad happening...

Anyways...its just a wrong place to be in for Sooraj and Sandhya. They deserve better.  Bhabho's insecurities will never end in her life and so will the selfishness of her other three kids and their spouses persist until the show goes off air.


Wow!! The same thoughts of mine are vindicated by Babasa in EP -502 where Sandhya wins his test through her honest efforts and the same is explained by Babasa to Bhabho. So much that she has tears in her eyes as he explains how she did not see Sandhya and Sooraj's goals as equally important for them.

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