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Sooraj and Sandhya Relationship - The Connect Point

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Character Chemistry of Sooraj and Sandhya. The ability of the husband and wife to become human beings who respect every one's existence around them before they assume any other role in their life is what attracts to us.  Its the mystery of what would Sooraj do now ? What would Sandhya do now, that is what entices the audience. Even as the husband and wife, when they are not privy to each others painful circumstances, the way they reach out to each other in a very human manner, is able to insulate them both from seeing each other as standing at lower step and upper step of education, achievements. They are two diff kind of personalities bounded by just one commonality, their ability to love others in human manner, not too emotional, not too judgmental. 

The essence of SurYa relationship is about being Good Human Being. That is how they always have accepted each other inspite of disappointments, lies, deceits and mismatches. That is how the unfairness to them is forgiven and forgotten by them and like two resilient human souls, they keep rebuilding or building with whatever resources they can find. They both have seen the worst moments of their life, have seen how if all alone, they look incompetent and they without any pride accept the others help when that help is given without hurting the others pride. There is so much to see from these two characters, to adjust, to compromise, to help, to accept, to forgive, to understand...these are the same feelings that we go through in our life.  And it is all being part of a good human being in an ordinary way, nothing heroic or extra ordinary about it. That's why the two characters are pleasing to watch on screen.  Seeing good makes us feel strong too.
  • The glaring disparity and yet the similarity of the Couple
Sandhya, a person of high IQ level...a person who though not liking or loving her husband, but just with her high mind connects to him in thinking in the beginning of their marriage. While Sandhya had sense, Sooraj had sensitivity, which made them understand each other...head and heart coming together; for them to respect each other.  While Sooraj some how is fallen in love head over heels with his beautiful wife, her character and distance she keeps is always noticed by him and this is how Sandhya the educated and the audience get to know that Sooraj might be just 9th passed man, but he is really not an average dumb man but a sensitive man...who ultimately wins her heart.  Sooraj is definitely not the high IQ person like RK or Sandhya, but he has an elevated mind and good heart that Sandhya takes to. And Sooraj later though loving Sandhya as his wife and partner to whom he will be committed actually starts admiring her for unique personality...its like he starts valuing her for her different take on everything.
  • The Friends but Not the Lovers
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@Connection between couples' I don't know much about Suraj and Sandhya's current relationship status.  As I remember, Suraj's love was one sided at the beginning.  Sandhya never had any romantic feelings for him. Their story was meant to be based on understanding and support.  In order to respect and care for her dreams, Suraj had to fall head over heels for her'  I don't think they could've shown their relationship from any other angle' They do have immense amount of respect for each other and that is very important for hearts to become attached' Sometimes when I see their scenes while changing channels, I can see two great best friends rather than lovers'
No. Sandhya and Suraj relationship is changing. Suraj actually has taught Sandhya what is being romantic. And she has started responding to him. She is not head over heels for him, but she knows that he will be devastated if she leaves him. But that knowledge apart, she is being fully aware that he is totally head over heels for her and so much so that she has started teasing him about it which has really surprised him with her pranks on him. This is how he starts seeing the naughty Sandhya and this is how Sandhya starts becoming not a good person but a happy person in his presence. She feels happy when he dotes on her with his looks and touches. She ends up having a mischievous smile at his hopelessness.  

She is still not ready to surrender to him or ready to have the physical relationship with him...1) she feels extremely shy 2) her grown up intelligent mind somehow blocks her from being flirty with her husband when she wants to.  She just doesn't know how to do it.  I saw this random scene where Suraj asked her why she gets so shy and looks down when he plays with her hands. I felt that was an intelligent prodding question on Suraj's part. And lo I was surprised by Sandhya's slow answer. She accepts that she actually likes to look at him as if she is relieved that he asked and she was able to no worries on how it goes. It had lot of meaning there.  A girl who wants to look but is unable to due to variety of emotional restrictions within her.  This was the side that Sandhya never ever developed while growing up. So she is being the trapped teenager in the highy intelligent woman she is.

Speaking about her sense, she understands him but is still not sure about the ground she stands on...not sure of Bhabho or the house with lot of her diffidence that adds a lot of intimidation to her character. She is focussed in being the good Bahu right now and so she gets scared to add the other responsibility of becoming the good wife. And here in she keeps maintaining the distance with her husband which Suraj understands as not being ready. We can actually see Sandhya intimidated when she sees even a bit of desire from Sooraj.  Sandhya is presently comfortable in loving him minus the physical part, though she hugs or cuddles up to him when she becomes emotional these days.  And Sooraj totally outshadows her in understanding the changes within her...her confidence, diffidence, her happy state, tense state and lets her grow at her own pace...though never failing even on a single day to see how she is faring as his young not so ready wife. 

Yes, they both definitely acts like friends...because there is only one friend to Sandhya in that house and that is Sooraj.

And these days, Sooraj has come out of his head over heels in love personality. He is more into being the assured lover knowing that Sandhya loves him but  he has other important needs to take care of for her. I am totally loving his maturity, but I am actually feeling his mother's pain for he even thinking what will happen to him once Sandhya joins IPS. What will he do with his time on hands ?!!!
  • How it started for SurYa? 
Their Weakest Moments of their life and how the other stood by them without being judgmental until the point of Jaipur Bus Accident.

I have written how Sooraj and Sandhya and have grown with mutual support and where they stand with their love for each other.  But how  did it start for SurYa.  SurYa is primarily a relationship today because of Sooraj's reluctance to let go of Sandhya and Sandhya's giving in to his wishes.  So unlike the too goody goody image of Suraj that we tend to think about him, we can actually in reality say that Sooraj may have been selflessly supporting Sandhya and everyone around him, but he has actually been very ambitious in keeping Sandhya to himself. And that can be traced back to Sandhya's rejection of him earlier. 

Sooraj whose worst moments of his life start with Sandhya rejecting him on the consummation night, daily though he fights for his own respect in her eyes, sees his marriage reaching new lows everyday until Sandhya his wife is asked to leave the house by his mother. As her husband he steps in to support her, but trouble does not end for him there. He keeps instilling sense of responsibility into Sandhya when she seems to have lost it, helps her as necessary, treats her with utmost care and sensitivity to her sense of space and privacy. All that helps Sandhya to find her way back from her abyss that she seemed to have been pushed by fate that had been so unfair to her. He is able to do all that he can as long as Sandhya is ready to burn herself in her efforts to restore her lost value in his mother and family's eyes. But not even once he lets Sandhya fall from his eyes and Sandhya notices this.

This is the connect point for Sandhya towards Sooraj. She starts seeing a man who does not care for his respect, but values others relationship in his life and respects their sentiments and makes sure that people follow through those values of life and its duties.

Sandhya in her earlier days of her marriage, rejects Sooraj and makes it clear to him that she is going though the semblance of marriage as Bhabho is pinpointing her disappointment on her daughter-in-law to her parent's upbringing of her. Sandhya accepts the marriage to defend her parents but rejects Sooraj as her ideal husband material.  Sandhya's worst moments start from the point of her parents death with her brother forcing her to end her dream to become an IPS officer and instead marry, only to know that she has been cheated by her brother to be wedded to a man who is just 8th passed sweet-maker and who has a regressive family that can hardly understand her aspirations. Her worst moment does not end here. It goes on until after her brother's lie about her being 7th passed is exposed to her in-laws and she is called a cheater and a lier. And she is given a test to pass Perfect Beendni Certification in 15 days which though she passes, is broken to the core that she has been declared pass only to be tested more and more, everyday throughout her tenure as the Beendni of the house. That her burning was not enough to restore her value.

It is here that Sandhya's breaking point becomes Sooraj's Panic Point. As if his life is also meaningless now when his wife does not want to keep herself burning her flame to shine her worth on all.

As he fears that Sandhya will reject him the second time now, he vows in himself to restore her freedom the way he deems fit.  He enacts a drama in order for Sandhya to leave him. He starts hurting Sandhya. We see him acknowledging his weakness for Sandhya and how devastated he shall be if Sandhya leaves him, how society will blame both Sandhya and Bhabho for what has to come pass, he tries to get away with himself being unworthy and so that everyone points at him only for the relationship end.  

On a rational level this thinking was really very commendable of him. That's why I call him intelligent and smart. But at emotional level, that has been a worst point in his life. It was too harsh of an act on Sandhya.  Instead of being soft and understanding how much Sandhya must have been agonised and traumatized with the treatment from Bhabho and her sons, daughter and DIL (Meenu) by looking down upon Sandhya as the lier, cheater and thief and always doubting her, Sooraj shuts off to the pain she was going through. Instead of confronting the situation and supporting her to restore her dignity by taking it head on with Bhabho and his sibs, he sees Sandhya's statement of facts as a reality for which he was not prepared for. He wants in that moment.....that Sandhya should somehow forgive and forget all that bad treatment because otherwise he would not be able to handle his love going away from him.   THIS WAS HIS WEAKEST MOMENT. Self-gloating on his Pain, his anguish taking center stage over Sandhya's pain as the bride who has left her house only to survive amidst a pack of hounds.
Sooraj is unable to express that pain to Sandhya that night because 1) Sandhya asks him to leave alone to handle her situation 2) he is guilty enough to know that she is speaking the truth.

Sooraj remains conflicted between his mind and heart. He knows Sandhya was speaking the truth and he wishes she has never spoken the truth as it would lead to consequences in terms of actions that he was not ready to accept. He would never be able to fight for her with his family and he would never be able to see her leaving him.

And this he tries to reason with it, he ends up seeing the divorce papers. And immediately he concludes that Sandhya has that chance to walk away from him.....making his devastation more apparent to him. And he decides to become the bad guy so that the leaving happens in such a way that she gets to leave him because of his bad behaviour.  NOW why would a good person like him inflict more pain on the soul of the girl he loves??? Sooraj had completely lost his sense and sensibility around that time and made himself think that he was just trying to control obvious damages for everyone and saving reputations of Sandhya and Bhabho.....He is unable to feel, how a girl so much humiliated and accused of wrong is she even going to handle herself POST MARRIAGE TRAUMA ???  WHAT was the MAN DOING ??? Was he even thinking of the GIRL ??? It was highly selfish of him.

It is here that Sandhya sees a disconnect with the Sooraj who she knew as, who appears broken to the core. She is able to set aside her sore pains and wants to know what rattles him. And we see the wife coming out of her who wants to know what ails her husband and what caused such a drastic change in him.

Sooraj puts her on Jaipur Bus, is unable to see her going away....all weaknesses about himself.....and when accident happens, he runs to find her and recover her back into his life as he cannot handle her near death experience.  And he takes her back.

It is actually Sandhya that takes Sooraj back and allows him to take her back to his house. Because in karmic sense or God given inherent principled thinking, the girl always belittles her emotions and works on what is the right thing to do.  This is the reason, she may never ever love that much as Sooraj loves her, but it works to her advantage. She is stronger than him by not becoming emotionally weak and that much closer to God.

Daisa says it correctly when Sooraj brings back her home.....that Sandhya is ego-less and has come back after after the animal treatment she received at the hands of Sooraj when he sends her away. Bhabho feels bad to listen to that comment but it is 100% true.  Which girl would do that ?

And today Sooraj is doing everything he can for Sandhya.  I would say.....that ...that MAN OWES it to Sandhya THAT MUCH.  For the faith Sandhya has on him about his love for her and returns back to hell with no hopes on her situation but understanding what she means to him, She does deserve that trust and Support now Sooraj shows on her.  

Otherwise where would he be today, if Sandhya had said.....Fine you told me the truth about your ill behaviour, but I do think it is right that we separated coz its actually good for all.

A love story of Commitment....that is SurYa.  It started on false foot, but the day Sooraj gets her back after the bus accident, equation changes forever in Sooraj's heart and there he ends up being forever indebted to her.  Because now he knows.....hence IMO all that love, hesitation and respect towards her more than before.

A love story of showing sensitivity to the other....that is SurYa. They are always able to sense each other's comfort and discomfort and ever ready to feel happy for the other and absorb the other's pain.


  1. Very very beautifully narrated and enjoyed the story line , Thanks. Sweet Suriaji And Sandhyaji.

  2. Thank you very much. Love that you enjoyed it. :)