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DABH - The Story Telling and PlotLines

Shashi and Sumeet Mitta said that DABH story is developed based on a real life story they got from a stall owner of tiffins or condiments. Sumeet said he was impressed how than man could support his wife like that to become an IPS. To think of it, it looks like IGT wonder. That man's wife must have been really possessed with high IQ.  So the Mittals just took the real life anecdotal result and here have BUILT a story with lot of aspirations to make it an example across India.

I am still catching up on DABH...and actually studying the Mittals way of story telling and acting talent of the DABH cast.  

The acting talent of the actors there is really power horse. Neelu Vaghela as Bhabho excels...but I am seeing lot of finer things for Anas Rashid and Deepika Singh. Unfortunately Anas will never be like VD's RK because Anas plays a soft-hearted person in Sooraj Rathi.  Deepika earlier used to irritate most of us with her disappointed Dreams Sad look...but over the period of time, the story telling has justified her sadness when we see her juxtaposed with her happy moments with Suraj, her personal sad moments and then resigned moments with that family of hers.  Certainly better than DD over MEIEJ. Both Anas and Deepika will lose over VD and DD only on internet because, the Saas Bahu background will not be liked by anyone.  Anas adds his nuances to his character...him being hopelessly in love with Sandhya had always caught our attention...but I see that even for him the story telling has added growth to him keeping all the consistency there. He used to get scolded by Bhabho and teased by his sibs for being so love lorn...but now I see the change that even Bhabho has resigned herself to her son's love lorn looks and now we actually see a happy Sooraj continuing with his staring, flirtation and ready to get scolded and yet not feel scared-embarrassed even a bit for getting caught like earlier. He now shows on his face...what's new about it kind of happy-embarrassed looks.

All the supporting actors are excellant.  Kanika and Gautam Gulati are awesome.

And they are all backed by Raghubir Shekhawat's dialogues.  All the lines are either hilarious or meaningful. 

Consistency in story telling.
I need to now see who are the writers here. I knew it as Shashi Mittal's story...but who else is supporting her, I need to know.  A lot of twists and dragging keeps on happening with lies, covers ups.  But I am seeing that every twist gets unravelled after a minimum period of 3 months and the max I saw is 8 months.  This of course is very taxing on the audience who would love Sandhya and Suraj...but I am also seeing a pattern towards the twist.  Every twist is to develop three deepen SS love and understanding for each other, get Sandhya become the Should be Bahu...not exactly the way Bhabho wants her to be but in a very different admiration of Bhabho by breaking Bhabho's rigid customs and traditions for everyone's betterment and take Sandhya closer to her dream of becoming the IPS officer.

Presently the story has become like this
  • Sandhya's dream for herself before her marriage has become Suraj's determination to realize it
  • Suraj's wishes before his marriage for himself and his family has become Sandhya's determination to fulfil them
  • and each keeps supporting the other thick and thin, no matter how each one gets frustrated to be in the tight spot and they keep being compromised, tested and humiliated.  And all of this because of only one thing...both the spouses consistently break Bhabho's rules for general good, bringing in change, remaining totally oblivious to their sibs games and yet exposing them as time comes.  In the end its Bhabho who keeps getting defeated.

The greatest consistency in the story telling I see is 
  1. The Diya Aur Baati Hum Equation for Sandhya and Sooraj.
  2. Sandhya improving as Bahu and Wife which she had never ever dreamed to become.
  3. And story inching towards Suraj's help to Sandhya to achieve her dream. Now we can see a crazy Suraj about the dream unlike the mad Sandhya of the show when it started.
  4. Exposing Bhabho's rudimentary traditions and customs and leaving it to her to walk away from decadence and adapt to the needed changes.
The third point was actually the story's premise. 

All of this with the most important struggle of the get Bhabho out of her Dakiyanoosi traditions and customs and uphold only the true ones while remaining humane and yet fanatically concerned about her household where she is whole and sole boss...a matriarch in actually a patriarchal society where girls are lesser than boys. She gains power as mother of the Male Child...and this is where the show is slowly focussing on her to embark on a journey to undergo change by accepting to love her DIL as an equal to her Son...because consistently we are seeing that Bhabho no longer wants to disappoint her son by going against his wishes to support his wife, when his son and his wife consistently follow her rules of the as a mother she is still slave to her son and yet as MIL is tough on her DIL, but DIL's extremely high character is reducing her to control her power through manipulation.

All these power changes for all characters (no one spared), while maintaining the comedy, torture, love and bonding. I am seeing that everyone is maturing...though pretending that none of of the characters have changed.

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Originally posted by Ananya
I watched the DABH scenes that you posted here and also all the three title songs of those shows. Loved them all. DABH title song has always been one of my favorites. 
Yet to check out Afsar Bitiya episodes. 

Re DABH and its title song:
I was on a 3 month vacation in India in 2011 from mid May to mid August, and that is when I used to run into DABH promos on Star plus. I loved the concept and the title song instantly, and thought I would give it a try. But by the time it went on-air, I was back to University and cut off from telly world again. 

Then whenever I heard of the show, everyone said its a lot of family drama and I never bothered to check it out. 

Although the drama there is not my cup of tea, I have to say the actors esp the leads, are all brilliant. It somehow reminded me of initial phase of BV (before the leads became adults), where every character is well etched and all the actors emote their part perfectly. During those times, BV was a favorite for me and my mom. 

Sandhya is really cute. She actually did all those things to coax Sooraj. LOL Very adorable the scene was. 

I can understand why you are in love with this couple. Of what I gather from your write ups, and that title video song, they seem to be doing full justice to the title of the show. Thumbs Up 

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