Wednesday, July 17, 2013

EP-496- 8th July 2013 - Sandhya Qualifies for Sabse Bada Champion

8th July 2013

What I loved was..."Bhabho Jal-Bhun ke Raakh ho gayi". ROFL Party  Any given day her sada hua defeated expression is a Party Day for me.  So I went and watched the episode.  Mast lag rahi thi with her crest fallen face when the guy was saying Sandhya was very different from all.LOL

And I lubbed lubbed Babhasa's retort to everyone in the Rathi Pariwaar, especially to Bhabo, Mohit and Emily. DancingDancing

To explain more this episode is about the Quiz people following the contestants home to declare that they have qualified. Bhabho was about to break the 3rd matka, but Chaturi brings them home.  The people show everyone how Sandhya was clearing the traffic so that the ambulance can get out of the jam situation.  It was an entertaining paisa wasool episode to watch Bhabho's face.

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