Saturday, July 27, 2013

SurYa in Free Verse

He is hopelessly gaga over her.
He is hopelessly smitten by her beauty.
He is hopelessly jealous when someone else takes precedence over him in her heart.
He is hopelessly inconsolable at the thought that she is unhappy with him.
And all she does is to tease him.

He comes alive in his intensely romantic mood.
She goes dead in freezing scare.
He smiles confidently at her as he encompasses her with his presence around her.
She is embarassingly quiet and shy as she allows him to encapsule her.

He can scorch her with his intensity of his love for her.
She cannot allow herself to be scorched as it hurts her.
He understands her.
He adores her.
He wants to take care of her every need.
She admires the tenacity of his love for her.
She enjoys his attention on her.
She basks in its glory of sunshine.

She dazzles him with her calmness.
She amazes him with her indifference.
She stupefies him with her brilliance.
She shames him with her perseverance.
She rapts him with her glorious feats.
All he can feel is happiness for himself and proud of her being his wife.

He is the provider, the nurturer to dependents on him who rise to walk in the glory of his sunshine.
He is Sooraj.
His challenge is that he cannot disappoint those who trust him for his winning glory.
Because he is Sooraj.
He is happy if people around him are happy.

She provides rest to those who return from work, from care, from glory; in the balm of her sunshade.
She is Sandhya.
Her opportunity is that she cannot disappoint those who trust her to find their winning glory.
Because she is Sandhya.
She is honored if people repose trust in her.

His weakness is his love for his loved ones.
He cannot live without them and yet keeps himself in distance watching them chirping around him.
Her strength is her love for her loved ones.
She lives for them in an all pervading quiet absorption with serenity around her.

She is lost in her dream.
She has lost her parents.
She feels lost in labirynths of darkness around her.
She sees light in him.
She hold on to his guidance.
She finds her dream back.

She is relieved of her weight of her dream on her soul as he shares it with her to fulfill them.
He is relieved of his need to burn himself to glory as she shares his responsibility with him.
She mesmerizes him with her dedication with her steadfast efforts.
He razzles her with his determination to swim against rough tides.
All they can feel is happiness for themselves and proud of each other for being the other's deserving half.

His desire is that she be recognized for what she deserves.
Her desire is that she be appreciated for what she strives so hard for.
His wish is that he helps her achieve her parents dream for her.
Her wish is that she never let her parents and her husband's dignity be tarnished and aspirations be wasted.

She buttons his shirts.
She irons his shirts.
She combs his hair.
He ties her blouse strings.
He serves her coffee
He makes her cakes
They make tea together.
They cook Dal Baati Choorma together.
They make Puppets together.
He has learned not to scorch her with his love.
She has warmed up to his burning touch.
And we have seen her appeasing him when he is upset with her negligence of him.
They have broken all records of romancing under married courtship period.
Yet there is no end to their romance.
They can start of anywhere and romance in almost every situation.
Be it the Courtyard
Be it the Storeroom
Be it on the Scooter or the Bicycle.

Sooraj is the reason Sandhya happens.
Without Sun there is no Sunset.
Without Sunset there is no Night.
Without Night there is no Dream to see.
Dreams sometimes are meant to be realized.
Dreams have to be realized in Daylight.
Daylight cannot happen without Sun.
Sun let others take his glory in the night that he blesses us with.
Sooraj beckons Sandhya to take charge until sunrise again.

Alas I am missing an Usha, a Prabhat here spreading their light and illumination around.
And may be we can hope to see them, if you can understand by what I mean !!!!

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