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SurYa : WTC vs SBC

They are truly a  Diya Aur Baati for each other

While Sandhya was Diya for her Baati  Sooraj in WTC championship, Sooraj is the Diya for his Baati Sandhya in SBC Championship.

WTC is World's Top Cook
SBC is Sabse Bada Champion

This response was spurred by Shruti's post that I read @IF. Here it is

By Shrutiarvi
Remember SURYA during WTC. Sooraj was all praise for Sandhya and Sandhya encouraging him.

Sooraj goes on telling "wo ai ni" as he is shy to tell " ILU" and Sandhya wondering about it. Then finally after the semi final he finally manages to tell those 3 letters to her and she reciprocates. 
We see a much stronger Sooraj for the final, a Sooraj capable of conquering the world because he knows Sandhya loves him. 

Now let us take SBC. From the time Sooraj had given the matka in Bhabo's hand Sandhya is praising him for his support. She is telling in multitude of ways she is happy with him and we see Sooraj just acknowledging or smiling.After seeing the promo this is what I feel.

Sandhya had heard Bhabo speaking to Babasa that Sooraj's status will get affected if she becomes IPS and he will be feeling sad from inside and will not be able to tell this to anyone. Sandhya wants to speak to Sooraj about this, but somehow unable to and she is trying indirect ways to convey that he is not small , she loves him, he is important to her etc..

Can a point come before SBC final where Sandhya will speak her mind to him. Where she will ask him society might not be kind to them. He might be taunted. Will he be still with her withstanding that. Will he at any point feel inadequate and decided to end their relationship if she becomes IPS. She will tell IPS is important to her, but it is incomplete without him. She at no point want to lose him because of IPS.

This will make Sooraj allay her fears, something like an educated girl like her has respected him, she is always proud to talk about him, her friend had given her divorce papers so that she can chase her dream,  she decided to respect the seven vows she took with him and sacrifice her dream. When society taunted her she didnt leave him, so why should he feel inadequate if she becomes IPS. He will always have pride for her. He knows , her trust is what matters to him and as she is incomplete without him, he is also incomplete without her. It can go something like this ... 
This convo can make SURYA bond stronger and the fact that Sooraj is with her no matter what can help her cross over Bhabo emotional atyachaar.

So what to do you think. If the above scene happens it will be one of the most beautiful scenes of DABH as I expect a emotional hug post this convo 

Responded by myself

Sooraj is not at all getting the various hints that Sandhya is throwing at him about his place in her life. She considers him her greatest gift/honor and she has been saying it quite aggressively in three separate incidents ... the TV remote scene. the Dukaan scene where she tells him how proud her father would have been of Sooraj and the recent Photo frame shifting and Sandhya's refusal to let it move.  Babasa's Get Free Saree from Meena contest between Sandhya and Emily also had seen, Sandhya making a statement that with her husband's faith and belief on her she can fetch stars from the sky too. Even this part, Sooraj has been happy for Sandhya's confidence over fetching stars but he is NOT taking his beliefs as THE DEAL for Sandhya. Though Ghat scene, 2rd Matka as gaurantee and umbrella scenes are all about his faith and his beliefs, somewhere the connect point is being missed by Sooraj that those 3 things were exactly where Sandhya has changed from what he knew her as. Yes definitely as the viewer I feel the two different states of mind between husband and wife at each time of the 6 incidents collectively...either the two actors have brought out the nuances effectively purely as consequential results of their acting or it could also be the fact that the actors needed to bring that characteristic differences between the couple at each of those 6 incidents - 3 for Sandhya and 3 for Sooraj.  I would rather delude myself thinking that the latter is the true case.


So these repeated trials of Sandhya in hinting to Sooraj that its not just about her dream getting fulfilled through him, but his presence in her life as the guiding light and his support for her throughout her life is what she is looking from him, are exactly like Sooraj's days in WTC's days. He was under stress that he might fail and may disappoint his family...but her stubborn support and motivation made him open up to her. She was risking her life for him... Every time she was showing him confidence, Sooraj would make a comeback with loving gestures...and one of them becoming repetitive which was Wo Ai Ni.  And after Sandhya's motivation when she sees the visible change in Sooraj,  as she displays her extreme happiness in his success, it boosts Sooraj to go for a clear cut confession on Wo Ai Ni. He speaks quite confidently how he fell in love with her and how much he loves her and how he wants her to say it that she too feels the same. That was such a confident request from him and she showered it on him in all shyness and all pleasure.

So in the same token, yes we are seeing a Sandhya wanting to convey something to her husband...she may not have coyly teased him or romantically been able to tell him, but there is a lot of seriousness and impatience to convey her inner feelings to him as soon as possible. That he is always important to her regardless of the IPS dream...But Sooraj, just like Sandhya in WTC is unable to catch her meaning. We can see that in all the three scenes that I cited above, Sooraj is unable to catch her driving point behind her abrupt reactions and statements. He is being just WOW !!, Shy or saying, So I come under the league of great men ?!!! and just smiling about it as just a routine praise...and that's it. He is missing her point that she is getting dependent on his support throughout regardless of her dream/no dream.

Yes, there is a possibility that Sandhya too can become nervous about her and Bhabho's apprehensions and how Sooraj is not getting it...Probably as Sandhya starts getting closer to finals, maybe he can hear people talking about their disparity and if Sooraj does not get the rude hint, may be Sandhya will have another reaction...and may be then they can have another scene that shall allay her fears...and may be then Sooraj will realize what she had been trying to tell him.  

And at that point Sooraj would also be ready to go ahead with their emotional and physical intimacy as presently he is under the shadow of responsibility of fulfilling his wife's parents dreams for her and so denying himself all the pleasures of marital life. His wife has been always slow to understand these things and he is been making her comfortable around it. Once he puts aside the IPS dream as the most important thing for him, and he is able to see both his Wife and IPS dream in the same frame (unlike the last scene where he was ready to take down the picture of himself and his wife from the wall to adorn it with championship certificates of Sandhya Sooraj Rathi), they will proceed to both emotional and physical intimacy.   Its definitely going to be a PROUD MOMENT once again for Sooraj in knowing that Sandhya needs his love and support as much as he needed her love and support at the time of WTC.   

He needs to snap out from his own need to see her win and see that she has been living and trying to achieve his dream and not hers. He needs to understand that she is not just appreciating him for letting her pursue her dream, but there have been changes within her.  Yes, Shruti, you are needs to dawn on him why she is making statements now...unlike just being shy and reticent like always. He seems to be lost in his own world of happiness treating her as his princess...but somewhere along the lines...that she is been trying to tell that he is the king of her heart is being missed by him.

Originally posted by Deebz
I did seriously get the impression that Sandhya and Suraj are one now. I wanted a more dramatic realization from Sandy's end. Something to the scale of their first hug after the accident. But Cvs have handled it more subtly but quite touchingly too.  As SD put it, Sandy is emotionally connected to him now but is still quite awkward in expressing it. Bhabasa actually  made it quite clear how deep their connection is and how strong is Sandy's commitment to her husband.  Suraj is now totally single minded about the fulfillment of her IPS dream. Being a man, with such a beautiful wife who he is cazy about, it must have been a Herculean effort on his part to be this way. Now that he has achieved it, he is not letting anything distract him. Not even SandyLOL
How sweet will it be when she will finally make him understand that she is his,  body and soul. All our wait will be worth it with this magical couple. Quite frankly those who have missed watching dabh would have missed something really really special. I hope Cvs will not let us down here.

Responded by myself
I loved how you said it there. The whole thing. @bold and that is what we all seem to be waiting for.
Infact, how many times, in our real lives too, we end up saying  the same"I love you's" or "I am there for you's" for different reasons and different contexts. And that's how the relationship keeps traversing though time and situation.  Its now a new phase of life for SurYa.

Responded by Shruti
@SD thanks for analyzing my post so beautifully. You have put forth all my thoughts in your reply. The promo gives all hints of it.
@Deebz you are right. Sandhya is hinting multiple times he is important to her, more important than her dream, but Sooraj is unable to catch on to that. I want her to tell it out loudly to him and throw Bhabo out of that GG room once and for all Big smile

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