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EP-506-22nd July 2013 - What's with Emily and the Fear Clunk?

Okay Emily and Mohit's relationship...this is going to be ranty and wickedness in restraint...

Did they even love each other? Okay if not;do they even know each other ? Okay if not, do they even understand people around them ?

Mohit keeps threatening Emily that he is going to leave her, ditch her, abandon her etc.
And Emily starts crying buckets out of fear. I worry about the child in her womb, how convoluted in fear it might be grow into.

Come on Emily !!! Are you so dumb to even fall into his words?  If Mohit had that much courage to do something, he would not even have got married to you in the 1st place.  He had to give in to his family demands that he remain married to you. You can see it from your eyes every day since the pregnancy news was out.  So what are you even afraid of ????

How come you being in the able position of the Blackmailer, allow yourself to get blackmailed by Mohit ?

Do I have to take the CLUNK in Emily and Mohit's relationship as not well thought execution ?  For that matter, even Chavi and Dilip's pairing is much better. Chavi is good looking and he is looking for that kind of done.

Seems Emily and Mohit's relationship is created just like Sudha's need to remain in the story. Sudha always becomes the prop for Meena's scheming selfish brain. Meena wants to get her sister Sudha married off with good match...but she keeps terribly failing.  And then there is that Daisa...even she keeps getting outsmarted by Rathi Parivaar.

The selective choice of loser and gainer labelling is just too obvious in DABH.  Is it really how the common milieu get themselves swayed in fear, greed just to the firefly getting attracted to light and dying ?!!

I mean there should be some reason for 
  1. Dumbness of Emily in believing that Mohit has guts to throw her out. On what basis my dear...just ask him that question.
  2. Insecurity of Bhabho and constant scrutiny she keeps on Sandhya and Sooraj...She is just looking for one big failure from them as she needs to be self-righteous.
  3. Meena and her greed - she gets to eat, dress, so she wants more. So add her sister into it.  Poor girl, used to be a law student, became a girl to entice men and now becoming assistant in conning again...Does the law student even have any brain of her own ?

How come all who get in touch with Rathi Parivaar start losing brain ?!!!!! except SurYa, Babasa, Chaturi and Chotu...

Hey Mhara Ramji !! Buddhi do inko. Sadbuddhi de do.

Emily by the end of the competition, if she is able to show her middle finger to Mohit and his empty threats, then I would consider, her purpose of participating in the Quiz was to find her confidence back.   

Today the copious tears she let fall at the end of being declared as the 8th contestant to remain in competition, looked so childish if she just had the large heart to see another woman who too came for her kids and a man who too came with his own reasons...she could have seen how the woman bore herself calmly. And inspite of all these tears, she still keeps working to remain in competition...Amazing.  Anyways its time, Emily shed her baggage of being selfish and start looking a normal person who can empathize with others.

Atleast Meena, is learning something in her competition...ClapClapClap

So the Rathi Bahus are facing the test of their times...lets see how much human and original they can become away from all RP brainwashing of the NEED to WIN.
I am just so bored to see Emily and when she comes on screen, I have to prepare myself of her sob-face. The actor playing Emily has perfected herself to enact only three expressions...the tilted look with face turned upwards and eyes looking downwards, the sob-face and elated face that has I am saved look...It just shows how poorly Emily's character is written

For me Emily is no better than Sudha. They are badly used in the plotlines of the drama. 

I agree with you.  Emily and Sandhya cannot be compared at all. And why should Emily give divorce to Mohit? If she stops being dumb, pretty much she can start putting Mohit in his place and have comfortable marriage.

Emily cannot even be compared with Meena.  When Vikram stopped talking to Meena, when her truth came out, how Meena was determined to have him back. Emily for all her need to be wife and being married woman, cannot even function like Meena.  How old is Meena ?! Even she was married very young into the family.

Its a ranty post I made. I am just so bored to see Emily on the screen. She is not even entertaining like Meena, Chavi or Chaturi. Because with Emily even Bhabho becomes BORING.  With Emily around, everyone becomes SILENT and Serious. I see the same happening to SurYA and Mohit becomes Sulky. The guy was not this sulky before. Bhabho too goes silent unlike what she is with Meena, Chavi, Chaturi and Sandhya.  Even Babasa has been motivating her...such open support for her and yet she spreads heaviness around her.  When I see this, then I feel maybe the writer purposefully is bringing on the bleak factor.  But they are missing the point that it is now becoming a drag-fest.

Today I could barely watch the episode because of Emily...somehow the first half of the episode was all about Emily, and second part was about competition with Meena;s scene  interspersed in the episode. Meena's scene was most interesting.

You can see how much entertained I felt about today's episode. I just felt like giving my feedback on Emily and her characterization. UnhappyDead


Hey Mhara Ramji !!

Look at the Fear Clunk...where it is taking us now ???? Didn't I say...Emily remains decent Insaan...itna hi kaafi hoga...Lekin NAHIN NAHIN...woh aur bhi ghinona kaam karengi...mujhe phoot phoot ke rona aa raha hai Cry CryCry


Look at this news.  Credit goes to TM arti12345

Originally posted by arti12345

Hi folks,

While surfing channels, I stopped at star gold for a movie.
They were showing an ad tag at the bottom of screen :
"Kya emily aur mohit ki beimaani ko jaan payegi sandhya?"
Will Sandhya find out Emily and Mohit's cheating?

I wonder what would be the challenge where highly demotivating mohit will join hands with the doormat emily to winOuch

Please update if any new promo is out wrt this tagline Smile

Hey Mhara Ramji !!!

Why should Sandhya catch them ??? What is the Quiz show's Production doing ?? Were they bribed to turn off their monitoring and surveillance.  Suddenly Mohit and Emily got the brains to outsmart the Quiz Prod team ?? and Will Sandhya treat the Quiz stage as Rathi Aangan to save Emily another time ?  Sandhya if she saves Emily now...I will have serious doubts on Sandhya integrity towards Policegiri Duty.  Ever since Matka business, Sandhya is unable to side with Truth and unable to prove Truth, for one or the other reasons.
Responded by Shrutiarvi
@SD 2 things can happen. One they cheat in the competition, they can , did WTC production team catch Maiti no right. Sandhya caught. So here also they might manage to do something. See they are doing quite a lot of rounds out dooors.
2nd possibility which has a high chance of occurence. Sandhya knows the real reason for Emily participation. The CF fiasco.  If she decides to sacrifice for Emily for this non sense then Sandhya is no IPS material. Better she sit at home and raise a good family atleast.
Instead let us assume she tells Sooraj, Sooraj confronts Mohit, some tiff happens, Bhabo does her emotional atyachaar on Sandhya telling she is responsible for the tiff between the brothers, her sapna is the reason for trouble in family.
This explains the contest promo " If you go behind sapna , you will lose parivaar", maybe Sooraj will side Sandhya strongly and will also allay her fears. That is why at the last part of the promo after getting confused she looks at Sooraj and then a confident Sandhya faces the host
Responded by Myself
Agree Shruti. I read your other reply to arti12345.  Yes the CF fiasco needs to be out.

Seems Emily's Fear clunk will drive to some ki nd of resolution for SurYA over Bhabho's opposition and finally clear all dilemma and mess out of Sandhya's mind.

Now I am speculating further...

okay for leap to happen the... these things seem to be in progress
  1. Meena realizing her BS mistake by herself...
  2. Emily and Mohit's truth coming out in open
  3. Sandhya's dilemma between IPS and Parivaar sorted out

What is left is Chavi's truth coz, she cannot be married with lie...unless Post leap, the same issues might resurface after years in the Misri looking like Meena or Chavi's secret out post her marriage...right ?

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