Wednesday, July 17, 2013

EP-502-16th July 2013 - It belongs to Babasa and Sandhya
16th July 2013

They had two scenes each and those were wonderful.

Babasa and Mohit
Babasa may be for the first time in a mild but effective manner asked Mohit to support his wife. He said this before the entire family. As a father, he sees where Momily relationship is failing and with his test, he taught Mohit what is the right thing to do.  Unfortunately Mohit did not take the teaching in an honorable manner but I could see a small change in him.  Previously he heard his mother's advise and started giving tuitions to kids. And now giving heed to his father, Mohit says to his wife, "I will have to be your support, I need to do something" and he leaves. For me, seeing that tiny much from Mohit was good enough.

Babasa and Bhabho
May be this is the first time when Babasa put his wise and adept wife to shame. She had tears in her eyes as she recognized what her husband was asking her to Open her Eyes to real facts. He very intelligently showed her what was his aim behind testing his DILs. It was just to show her where she was being wrong, by being arrogant, proud in her self-righteous thinking but failing to see others equally strong and capable minds full of faith and humility. He was able to explain not to underestimate truth and honesty in a person, which both her son and her DIL have in full no matter how low she thinks of their goals and how high she thinks of what is right for her home. Sometimes small things such as faith and trust gives one a winning edge as the competitor may be giving his life to keep that trust going.  Bhabho did know the value for the Matka for Sooraj, her son and agreed to take it as the gaurantee, thinking it is sureshot way of ending her son's obstinacy;  but she failed to see that the same value that her DIL added to it post her husband announcing it as his gaurantee.  How could she have thought that Sandhya would let Sooraj's trust on her let him down. How could Bhabho in her arrogance of self righteous and wishful thinking fail to see the relationship of her eldest son and his wife as Diya aur baati hum. It is never a one person, it is a duo she had to fight with and she just saw her DIL Sandhya as different from her son.  I felt for her when she shed those tears. After all she is one good lady, though limited in her vision. Nice that Babasa went away from the room before those tears trickled down. Clap Clap Clap

***Babasa basically taught Mohit and Bhabho that taking Sandhya down is not an answer to their problems and they both cannot use Emily for their gains.

***I am just hoping one day, someone teaches Emily not to be impulsive and rash and she better think before acting in haste. She is too impulsive to her detriment.

Sandhya and Sooraj
Wow!! what a possessive wife again. Sandhya gets better day by day since 18th June towards claiming ownership of her husband. I loved it when she grabbed the frame, pulled her hubby aside and asked him...what are you doing to my husband LOLLOLLOL The emphasis on Mere pati...was beautiful. The sense of pride and ownership she has these days for Sooraj has greatly improved on her self-esteem. Its now like he has become a part of her and hence such an ease in wresting control from him where he seems to be undervaluing him and puts him in his right place and asks strongly of him never to repeat that. well...the remote scene, the night-out study, the combing and now the photo frame scene...

Sandhya and Meena
The self-esteem that I mentioned above can now be seen in this scene where she answers back Meena on the thinking that 3rd Matka will definitely break. Her eyes are lit up with fire as she answers Meena just as they flared up with her husband back in their room earlier...that what she values most deserves a fortifying defense and fight back in all its propriety if anyone attacks her esteem value which is her husband as she takes pride in all that he stands for. Clap Clap Clap  I think this is the first time for Sandhya to ever speak for her herself directly (which was indirectly for her husband) before the entire family. Even when the family was mocking Sooraj on his qualifications to even participate in cooking contest, Sandhya was only trying to explain, appease and convince. Today she was beyond and above of those actions.

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