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Star Parivaar Awards 2013 - How fair it was for DABH and overall ?

I felt it was unfair to give Best Beta award to Saras...And Ranvijay and Sooraj seemed deserving to win.  Then I thought...fine Ranvijay is a good brother and that is better role for him as somewhere Ranvi's mother Ratan is not very happy about his decision and indomitable support for his cannot be a very good Beta.  Then Sooraj also had been Best Beta in previous year story wise.  This year...and actually since October last year, Sooraj has been consistently at loggerheads with his mother.  So from a Pariwaar perspective there had to a Beta who was making people happy...and Sooraj has not made his mother very happy this year.

I liked Kokila getting Best Saas award as she is really that. All her tracks show that. And Bhabho can be only the worst Saas ever.

I liked Babasa getting Best Sasur award as he is really that. He is the only one who supports Sandhya(other than Sooraj) and anything good that is opposed by his wife and especially if that is supported by forward thinking Sandhya. He is loved by everyone.  He is a good father to Sooraj, but he doesn't deserve a father's award because he has not completed his responsibilities for his children in the manner he should have. He shirked that responsibility and passed it on to his elder son.  He supports Suraj, but in the same token; he does NOT correct his other sons and daughters. He has shirked that responsibility also and passed it on to his wife.

I forgot who won Best Bhai award...was it even a category ? Ranvi would have clearly won though Sooraj is also a strong contender, so are EHMMBH brothers.

I liked that Sandhya won best Bahu award because even until this time starting from last year, Sandhya has been working only to become good Bahu and not a good wife. :))  Sandhya doesn't have to sacrifice a lot in becoming a good wife, but sacrifices a lot to become a good Bahu. I think Pankhuri  was a good contender to Sandhya as Best Bahu...because she is really a good bahu, good Beti and good wife.  Akshara really stood upto being good wife and deserved the award, but I would say Pankhudi was a good contender there...alas the awards were declared after the present aditya in soup track. LOL!!

I also liked Sooraj winning Best Pati award because again that is what story wise was happening throughout the year. To become that he has risked losing Best Beta to Bhabho.

And I liked Ghar ka Star awards for Sooraj and Sandhya...coz they both really inspire people to be the best in all aspects, be it to excel at what they do after a lot of strife, struggle and hardwork (occupationally - cooking, social service, studies) or do whatever it takes to preserve family (their sacrifices for family) and finally being supportive to each other with trust and confidence along with the desire to change for the better, to adapt to times.  This is what ordinary people outside TV world too face and would like to get inspired beat the daily grill of life like Sandhya and Sooraj.

I liked DABH's director Rohot Raj Goyal's words that in every track, actually the progress that Sooraj makes, is what is appealing to it DEPICTS WINNING of NAYI SOCH.  And for that ghar ka star awards is kudos Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap  How the husband by supporting the wife and letting her decide her priorities by giving all that actually promoting RISHTE WOHI SOCH NAYEE.  Both the spouses break their own moulds and redefine themselves.  They break conventions of their own build.  Sooraj has always been a good Beta...but sacrificing it for his nayi soch he has brought down barriers and is now a person who is recognized by people of Pushkar not just for his sweets but for his agenda on to spread social it cleanliness, Top Cook, Terrorism. Exposing Fake Guru or supporting wife's education...he is really coming out as an ACHIEVER with people like the DSP on his side.  And Sandhya...breaks the mould of the rudimentary thought process...that a girl like her cannot be a good Bahu. She proves that...what if she cannot cook, what if she cannot do house-hold chores as adeptly as Bhabho, but she is still GHAR ki once Babasa said...ever since Sandhya came to Raathi Parwaar, Pariwaar ki Pratishta badh gayi...everyone just sings their accolades. Samman has followed her into the house. Isn't that prosperity as representative of Ghar ki Lakshmi ?

Which track according to you has worked very well on-screen?
The best track of Diya Baati is the track of Suraj which shows his life and how supportive and caring person he is. Each and every track had some 'Nayi soch' in it and it worked well whether it was the Singapore track which showed that even a common person can aspire for high levels of success, the terrorist track which is very much relatable to our society's scenario, the Swamiji's track which showed that these kinds of ill deeds should be stopped. So, there is no comparison among these tracks.

All in all, the awards have been very fair towards DABH. Especially with the Ghar Ka Star Awards.  

Further, we can read Shruti's post."Ghar ke Stars- SURYA"

I was very happy to see SURYA winning Ghar ke Stars award. Most hindi serial jodi's put me off after some time for one main reason. The style statements they carry. Most of the romance shown is in slow motion and in style statements. After some time style statements become so boring and even the costliest dress the actors wear the interest cannot be kept
But what attracted me to SURYA was their inherent simplicity. Sooraj is shown as a down to earth guy, simple. He does not have even one style statement. Same is the case with Sandhya. Even she is shown as a spunky girl next door who is full of badmashi and lovely smile. Their romance is sponatenous, loving, cute and something you can relate to. Some of the best scenes I had enjoyed
- "Sandhyaji Chuha" it was a beautiful scene where a shy husband is trying to initiate a conversation with his better half who is equally shy "Big smileBig smileBig smile
- Scene in the park where Sandhya understands Sooraj is the person who had left ladoos for her and teases him. His reply " Sandhyaji maine aapke siva kisi aur ko us nazar se nahi dekha hai" and the look on Sooraj's face after he utters it. Total blush as he accepts he had indeed looked at Sandhya romantically.
- Wo Ai ni in SingaporeBig smileBig smile
- Sandhya taking his hand for the first time and tying the watch.Big smileBig smile
- Sandhya teasing Sooraj over the phone " Wo Ai Ni"
- Sooraj coming to meet Sandhya on bahana of delivering sweets
- Sooraj holding the lamp for Sandhya to study
- A scene in which Sooraj tells I will make coffee for you and goes. Oh my God this scene was so natural , where a husband shows his care
- Scene in the ghat where Sooraj tells to Sandhya how her dream has become his
- TV remote Scene, where Sandhya tells she will fulfill the dream for him
- Scene in Sooraj's shop where Sandhya tells she is happy with him
- Scene in GG room where Sandhya tells she can bring stars from sky because he is with her
With so much beautiful scenes how cannot they be Ghar ke Stars. I guess SURYA got the biggest award. The award to them which the audience has showered. So what do you say.

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